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Dermal Filler

Dermal Filler is a soft gel-like substance made from a naturally occurring skin compound known as Hyaluronic Acid. It can be injected beneath the skin to volumise, contour, and replace lost volume in areas of the face.




On Request

Nasolabial Folds (Nose to Mouth)

Marionette Lines (Mouth to Chin)

Cheek Augmentation

Dissolving Dermal Filler

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Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti Wrinkle Injections or Botulinum Toxin is one of the most popular non-surgical treatments in the world today to treat lines and wrinkles. It works by temporarily blocking the nerve impulses that trigger muscle contraction, creating a smoother, fresher, more youthful look.

Typically frown, forehead and/or crows feet

1 Area

2 Areas

3 Areas




Gummy Smile

Bunny Lines

Brow Lift

Pebbled/Dimpled Chin

Downturned Smile

Jawline Slimming/Teeth Grinding


Nefertiti Lift/Platysmal Bands

Excessive Sweating









Skin Boosters

Lip Augmentation

Lip Filler can be used to enhance the appearance, shape, and size of the lips and is a great way to replace some of the volume that is lost as we age. A naturally occurring skin compound known as Hyaluronic Acid is carefully injected into the lips which attracts water and achieves a plumping effect.




Lips 0.5ml

Lips 1ml

Lips 2ml

Alumier MD Skin Care

Alumier MD provides scientifically proven medical-grade products in luxurious formulations that work to reveal clearer, more radiant skin. It is produced in a socially responsible way and focuses on educating its customers on how to care for their skin. A home care range and in-clinic professional treatments are available to treat a wide range of skin conditions including ageing, sensitive/redness prone, rosacea, acne, and hyperpigmentation. Products are; -Cruelty-free -Free from parabens, sulphates, and phthalates -Free from dyes and artificial fragrance -Ethically and sustainably sourced.

Alumier MD Customised Chemical Peel

Skin Consultation and Treatment Plan

Alumier MD Enzyme Re-Texturising Treatment

Alumier MD Refining Clay Treatment

Alumier MD Vitamin A Boost

Alumier MD Detox Clear

Alumier MD Smooth and Hydrate

Alumier MD Enhancement Mask

Alumier MD Initial Peel

Alumier MD Advanced Peel

Alumier MD Peel Plus

Alumier MD Eye Rescue Pads (Add-On)














Cryotherapy with CryoPen is a safe and effective way to remove benign skin lesions. An ultracold jet of high-pressured nitrous oxide is precisely applied to freeze the lesion and minimise damage to the surrounding healthy tissues. Suitable for; -Skin tags -Warts -Verrucas -Age spots -Sun spots -Cherry angiomas

Removal of Skin Tags/Warts/Benign Skin Lesions

Prices on Consultation, from £50.00


Dermaplaning is a method of skin exfoliation that uses a surgical scalpel to remove the outer most layer of dead skin and vellus hair known as peach fuzz. It can help the skin to have a softer, smoother brighter looking appearance as well as helping with fine lines and wrinkles, allowing your make-up to sit better and allow the active ingredients in your skin care the penetrate into the skin more effectively.




Standard Dermaplane

Luxury Dermaplane

including the application of a customised mask and hand or scalp massage

Florere Aesthetics, Health & Wellness-2_edited.png
Florere Aesthetics, Health & Wellness-2_edited.png

Skin Boosters are used to revitalize the skin improving texture, appearance, and tone from within. Profhilo is the Winner of Injectable Product of the Year at the 2022 Aesthetics Awards, Profhilo is a revolutionary ‘beneath the skin’ Hyaluronic Acid moisturising treatment. Often referred to as an injectable moisturiser it contains one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid currently on the market, it not only boosts and hydrates but also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to improve and restore the firmness of the skin. Belotero Revive is a next-generation injectable Hyaluronic Acid Skin Booster designed to rejuvenate the quality of the skin and revitalise the early signs of sun damage. Great for; -Dehydrated skin -Loss of elasticity and firmness -Superficial fine lines -Uneven pigmentation and texture


From £170.00

Profhilo (2 treatments, 4 weeks apart)

Belotero Revive


Dermalux Flex MD

LED light therapy treats various skin conditions in addition to muscular and skeletal aches and pains. This non invasive treatment allows the skin to absorb light energy which has a therapeutic collagen boosting effect. Dermalux Flex MD is medically certified for the treatment of acne, psoriasis, wound healing and as pain relief (muscular and skeletal). It can be a stand alone treatment of approximately 30 minutes of relaxation or an add-on to any of our facial skin treatments or peels.




Single Treatment

Course of Six Treatments



Microneedling or also known as Collagen Induction Therapy is the process of inflicting lots of tiny wounds to the skin with a needling device. This in turn causes the skin to increase its production of collagen in order to repair itself and can help with issues such as scarring, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Topical local anaesthetic is used to make the procedure comfortable.



Single Treatment

Course of Three Treatments

*All treatments require a pre-treatment consultation and £50.00 deposit.

(Redeemable against your treatment)

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